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Equipping University Archive

Equipping University Archive

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Category: 2012

What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage

Room 149 Everyone’s marriage eventually morphs into something they did not intend it to be. At some point, you need something sturdier and longer-lasting that romance. You need something deeper than shared interests and mutual attraction. You need changed expectations, radical commitments, and most importantly, you need grace. God is still working to reveal and win hearts and heal marriages but as long as you are a sinner who is married to another sinner, there will be work to do.... Read More

The Twelve Most Important Dates In Christian History

Room 151 Teacher: Andy Lackey Christ’s church has been active for two thousand years. In the last two millennia, an incredible selection of world-changing events have taken place – the Fall of Jerusalem, the Council at Nicaea, the Battle of Tours, Gutenberg’s printing press, Luther’s 95 theses, Billy Graham’s Los Angeles Crusade, and many more. Tis study will trace the history of the church and present it in an enjoyable, understandable way that will breathe... Read More

The Most Understood Verses In The Bible

Room 154 Teacher: Jeff Spry As we enter into a new election cycle, we are all well aware of the common practice of politicians taking small sound bites from their opponents and twisting those words to make them say something foolish or extreme that the original speaker did not intend. Our entire culture is swarming with edited sound bites and photoshopped images and we consumers are faced with the task of determining what is real and what is fake. Christians often have to do the same... Read More
Posted by August Mayberry

Parenting Culture-Proof Kids

Room 155 Teacher: Chuck Edwards Present surveys reveal that 59% of 18-29 year olds dropped out of church after attending regularly during their teen years. An additional 41% went through a period of significantly doubting their faith. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to insure that your child is not one of those statistics. Other studies show that in addition to attending church, the best thing you can do for your child is talk with them about spiritual issues and allow them... Read More

The Unexpected Journey: Conversations with People Who Turned from Other Beliefs to Jesus

Room 156 Teacher: Jen Armstrong It is likely that you and most of the people you know here in the “Bible Belt” grew up in Christian homes and have attended church for almost their entire life. We do not realize that there are many in this world who had a much more difficult path to Jesus. In fact, following Jesus is a journey none of the people in this book ever expected to take. Why did they? What difference did it make? In this 12 week class, we will explore many of the... Read More

Lies That Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free

Room 157 Teacher: Ellen Fox The woman of today is bombarded and confused by so many falsehoods. These messages may originate from painful childhood experiences or from media that emphasize beauty and glitz above all else. These lies also emerge from a culture that tells women their role as a wife and mother doesn't count nearly as much as a career or from the more selfish trend is that if her marriage doesn't make her happy, she owes it to herself to bail out. In Lies Women... Read More

Summer 2012

May 30 - August 29, 2012 (12 weeks) AVAILABLE MEDIA Click above to see the media archived for this EU session.   May 30: IDOLATRY: THE SUBTLE PERSUASION Teacher: Brian Burgess June 6:  EPHESIANS 4: THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR MARRIAGE Teacher: Ellen Fox June 13: RELIGION AND POLITICS Teacher: Chuck Edwards June 20 No Class - VBS June 27: THE FATHER'S DELIGHT IN THE SON July 4 No Class - Floor Maintenance July 11:  THE THREE... Read More

Love and Respect

Room 159 Teacher: Ellen Fox Psychological studies affirm it and the Bible has been saying it for ages. Cracking the communication code between husband and wife involves understanding one thing: that unconditional respect is as powerful for him as unconditional love is for her. It's the secret to marriage that every couple seeks, and yet few couples ever find. In this class, you and your spouse can start fresh with the ground-breaking guidance that Dr. Emerson Eggerichs provides in... Read More