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Our journey in 1 Timothy continued this past Sunday as we dove into 1 Timothy 1:12-17 and looked at Paul's remarks about the gospel. God transformed Paul from a man who committed horrible deeds to a man who did great things to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Paul reminds us our salvation is undeserved.

Think of all your sins... God gave you mercy. "Mercy" is not getting what you deserve. But, He didn't stop there. He gives us grace. "Grace" is getting what you don't deserve. ANYONE can be saved. You are never "too far gone". Paul's salvation (and yours if you are a believer) shows anyone can be saved. Paul references himself as the worst of sinners. Yes, we can understand that. Think of all the horrible things Paul did. But, the interesting thing is that Paul doesn't say I "WAS" the worst of sinners, he says I "AM" The worst of sinners. This is how we all must think. Only when we realize that we are the #worstofsinners can we realize our need for God's grace and mercy through his Son Jesus Christ. 

What's your story? Let's flood social media this week with our testimonies of God's mercy and grace. How did God bring you to salvation? How are you changed? #worstofsinners


Posted by Meredith Collins at 4:20 PM
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