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The Law and The Gospel - from 1/29 Message

Several told me they could not write fast enough to record the words about the Law and the Gospel from yesterday morning's message from 1 Timothy 1:8-11. Here is what I had in my notes:

Romans 8:1-4
All the righteousness you need supplied by Christ. 
All the righteousness God demands is fulfilled by Christ. 

Gospel: You CAN’T!!

Law Repeats: Keep Commands 
Gospel: JESUS CAN!

Law: I have Moses 
Gospel: I have Jesus

Law: Do Right, Do More 
Gospel: Jesus already did it all

Law: You have failed 
Gospel: Jesus never did

Law: Try harder 
Gospel: TRUST!

Law: You are Law-breaker 
Gospel: Jesus is great law-keeper

Law: You deserve to die 
Gospel: Jesus died in my place

Law: See what righteous looks 
Gospel: I am clothed in Righteous

Law: This how please God 
Gospel: God IS pleased w me – 4evr

Law: See beauty of rule-keeping 
Gospel: See Beauty of grace

Law: See awfulness of SIN 
Gospel: See wonder forgiveness

Law: Do, Do, Do 
Gospel: IT IS DONE


 - Jeff Spry

Posted by Jeff Spry at 10:53 AM
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