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Talking with Your Child About...

Part of our goal as the staff at Western Avenue is to equip and train you. If you have children, and especially if those children have come into “big church,” you’ve probably gotten a lot of questions about things like baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

These are normal practices to us as adults, but when you try to explain these activities to your children, you might not have the words to help them understand what is happening and why.

To help you, we want to offer a series of booklets to equip you to talk with your children about specific practices within our worship services at Western Avenue Baptist Church. These booklets might even help you if you grew up in another denomination and are not familiar with life in the Baptist Church. These booklets are for you and your family.

The Talking With Your Child About Baptism booklet is available online here 

Future booklets will be available on topics including:
The Lord’s Supper
Tithe and Offering

All these booklets will be posted on our “Family Resources” page on the website. You'll also find other tools and books on this page for your family. 

Posted by Meredith Collins at 8:12 AM
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