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Qualities of Overseers from 1 Timothy

On Sunday, we looked at the qualifications for overseers from 1 Timothy 3:1-7. While these are specific qualifications listed for these church leaders, these are not just for a "special elite" but something the whole church should strive for. 

1. Sober minded, live cautious
2. Self-controlled, lead forward with sensible directions
3. Respectable, operates under certain concrete principles
4. Hospitable, a love for strangers/foreigners, seeks opportunities to show hospitality
5. Not a drunkard
6. Not violent, but gentle and considerate, yet firm in beliefs, not looking for a fight
7. Not quarrelsome, sometimes it is best to disagree on non-essentials, not contentious
8. Not a lover of money, regardless of wealth status, it's easy for wealthy to love money but also easy for people who are not wealthy to have a love of money

What does this man's home look like?
1. He is the husband of but one wife, known as a "one woman man" and for his faithfulness to his wife
2. Manages his home well, submissive children, if he can't manage his house, how can he manage the church?
3. Not a recent convert, should be spiritually mature
4. Able to teach, a student of the Word

Who has taught you well? Who would you go to for spiritual counsel? Who has shephered you, cared for you and visited you?

These leaders should be blameless, above reproach with a good reputation in the world - a beautiful witness.

We are blessed to have leaders in our church with these qualities. Pray for our leaders and future leaders that God would guide them and that they would grow in these characteristics.  

Posted by Meredith Collins at 8:02 AM
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