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Noah's Ark

All Old Testament stories point us to the Gospel. Sometimes it takes looking back at a very familiar story with a new lense to glean full application. 

The story of Noah's Ark is one of the most familiar in the Old Testament. When Adam fell in the garden, all fell after him, but they knew One would come to reverse the curse. They hoped Noah would be that One. 

Every intention of man's heart was only evil continually. But, grace found Noah. Noah was not spared because he was sinless, he was spared because of Grace. Being marked by grace transformed his life into a life of obedience.

An obedience that allowed Noah to live a life of righteousness in an unrighteous world. An obedience that allowed Noah to obey God's command to build a boat when it had never rained on earth, and when Noah was located hundreds of miles from a large body of water. An obedience that allowed Noah to remain steadfast during 100 years of building the ark. He was obedient through it all. 

By faith he DID something. He built the ark. He had to take action, not just wait for an ark to appear. Noah heeded the warning. 

We learn that a reboot of creation is not the answer to the sin of humanity. Noah entered the ark as a sinner and he exited the ark as a sinner. The problem of sin remains. However, God promises through the covenent of the rainbow to never destroy the earth again through a flood. God hangs his bow in the sky (the rainbow) as a reminder. The bow is angled upward, with the arrow of God's wrath pointing upward to Christ. It is God himself who will suffer the judgement and suffer for us. 

Don't reject the warnings of God's judgement. We know He is coming back one day - are you safe in the "ark of Christ"?

Posted by Meredith Collins at 10:30 AM
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