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Meet our Members: Tim and Debbie Burgiss

We continue our series this week to get to know another couple at WABC, Tim and Debbie Burgiss. They started attending in February 2018 and joined June 10, 2018, after attending the New Member Class. Prior to attending, they watched many previous sermons online.

Tim and Debbie are both from the mountains (West Jefferson and Sparta, respectively) and met in Statesville after college. Debbie is a former teacher. She has a degree from Wake Forest and a Master’s degree from Gardner-Webb. Tim is a UNC-Chapel Hill grad (BA 1981, and DDS 1985) and has been in private general practice for 33 years in the northern end of the county between Harmony and Union Grove. Tim’s practice focuses on restorative and cosmetic dentistry. 

Tim and Debbie been married for 31 years and have two daughters, Drew (27) and Ali (25). Both attended Statesville Christian School K-12, and both graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. Ali is married to Tyler Lewis. They live in Greenville, NC, where Tyler is on the basketball coaching staff at ECU. Ali is currently a preschool teacher at their church’s school. Drew is married to Wilson Yang. She was an on-campus missionary at UNC with Athletes in Action (a branch of CRU) for 5 years. Wilson is a Grand Opening Supervisor with Chick-Fil-A and is on a path to operating his own franchise. Drew is a CFA trainer.

Tim and Debbie were baptized at an early age, both being raised in Baptist churches. After getting married, their faith began to really grow as it became their own. They committed to make Christ the center of their lives as they raised their family in a home with Jesus as Lord and Savior. Surrounding themselves with Christian friends, daily being in the Word of God, and learning from Bible studies helped solidify their walk of faith… Iron sharpens iron. They were members of First Baptist Statesville for 30 years where they served wholeheartedly in several roles, such as teacher, deacon, committees, volunteering, missions, etc.

The Burgisses became aware of WABC in 1996 when their oldest daughter started Statesville Christian School. Because of the school, they were very familiar with the campus of the church/school. They also became acquainted with and became dear friends with many folks who attended WABC through their involvement with SCS. As they gained knowledge of WABC through the years, they witnessed the quality and depth of the teaching here.  

Tim and Debbie decided to join WABC for several reasons. First, because the church is very gospel centered and makes no compromises with the Word of God. WABC is evangelical in nature and is committed to saving the lost. WABC is devoted to discipleship and growing the flock spiritually through sound Biblical teaching. They also wanted to be involved with a church that is very active in mission work, locally, regionally and abroad. Finally, they love the fellowship, friendliness and genuineness of the members. 

They appreciate the church’s commitment to the gospel, awesome preaching and teaching, wonderful music and talent that is uplifting, friendly and welcoming people, an atmosphere of unity and a desire to glorify God in all decisions. 

Currently, Tim and Debbie are busy with four aging parents and see this time of rest as they learn about the many opportunities available at WABC. They are seeking God’s will as they begin to be involved where God wants them to serve. They feel led to be active with missions and are excited about growing in their walk of faith with this community of believers. 

Posted by Meredith Collins at 9:00 PM
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