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Meet Our Members: The Williamsons

This week, we introduce to you the Williamson family! Scott and Debbie Williamson have been married for 32 years. They have three children, Sarah, Rachael and Drew who range in age from almost 30 to 23. All three live in Statesville and attend WABC. Both Scott and Debbie have been in their jobs for the past 14 years. Scott as the Receiving Manager for the Advanced Auto Parts Distribution Center in Gastonia and Debbie as the Church Administrator for Broad Street United Methodist Church. Sarah teaches Elementary music, computers and art for Statesville Christian School. Rachael and Drew both work at Lowe’s corporate headquarters in customer service.

Debbie, a Baptist preacher’s kid, accepted Jesus at the age of seven while Scott, a reformed Catholic, was 18 when he accepted Christ as his Savior. All three children accepted Christ while in elementary school. 

Church plays a very important role in their life. The Williamsons have always been very active in church, participating in outreach and service projects, Vacation Bible School, teaching Adult Sunday School classes, working in TeamKID, choir and drama. 

The Williamsons moved to Statesville at the end of 2003 when Scott took a job with a distribution center in Statesville. Before they moved, Debbie went online and pulled up a list of all the Baptist churches in the Statesville area. There were 57! They visited eight of them before they visited WABC. They waited because they thought it was too big and they had never attended a church that size. Their first visit was in January. The first thing they saw as they entered near the sanctuary was a poster advertising the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goal of $60,000. They realized that missions was important to this church with a goal that large. That was definitely a plus! The next thing that resonated with them was the music. It was amazing! Sarah was a freshman in high school and had become very passionate about band. When she saw the orchestra, her eyes lit up. Debbie was in tears by the end of the offertory and could only imagine what it would be like to sing in that choir. Skip’s preaching was educating and inspiring; it didn’t take long for them to decide to make WABC their church home.  

The Williamsons believe wherever God puts you, whether in a church with 50 or 500, He expects you to serve using the gifts and abilities He has given you. You don’t have to do everything that is offered but you need to do something. Scott and Debbie began working with the children’s ministry at WABC shortly after joining. Rachael also began working with the children on Wednesdays once she graduated from high school. Scott and Debbie were on the kitchen crew for the Youth Fall Retreat for about eight years. Sarah has served as a shepherd in the middle school Sunday School classes and currently serves as Orchestra Assistant in the Music Ministry. Drew has been on the kitchen crew for the Youth Fall Retreat for the past three years and takes a turn running the cameras for the worship services on Sunday. Scott takes a turn manning the computers for the worship services. The entire family regularly participates in It’s Christmaswith Debbie and Sarah in the choir and orchestra and Scott, Drew and Rachael playing whatever role is needed that year. They have participated in the toy and food deliveries through the Statesville Housing Authority at Christmas and try to help out wherever needed. 

The Williamsons appreciate all the opportunities available to serve and grow and disciple at WABC. Our ministers and staff are unequaled in excellence! They appreciate the ministers and their commitment to teaching and preaching the gospel. The staff creates such an environment of family that you forget you are attending a large church. 

Scott and Debbie hope the proposed building project that will create a designated space for the children’s ministry will be completed in the next few years. They hope that WABC will continue to expand its outreach both locally and globally. It is their prayer that WABC will continue to be a place where families, like theirs, can bring their kids, knowing that they will receive solid Biblical teaching, learn to serve others and make Christian friends that will last through eternity. 

Posted by Meredith Collins at 7:00 AM
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