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Meet our Members: The Rosemans

Meet Our Members: The Rosemans

Dan and Stephanie Roseman joined WABC in August 2017. They have been married for almost 14 years and have three children. Dan has been teaching for 10 years and was a campus pastor for 3 years. Stephanie has been a stay-at-home mom for 12 years, working part-time all along. 

Stephanie became a Christian when she was eight years old. Even from a young age, she knew God was with her and she felt a strong desire to know His Word and His plan for her life. Dan became a Christian at a young age but started to take his faith more seriously in college. 

Dan grew up in Statesville, so he knew of WABC and knew a lot of people who had grown up here. 

The Rosemans decided to join WABC because every message on Sunday mornings is truth filled, spoken with love and always reveals God’s word in ways they haven’t thought of (biblically). The church is also so involved in missions (local and worldwide) and the church is filled with so many welcoming and real people. They say it’s been easy to make friends because people aren’t trying to act perfect and like they have it all together, but just doing life together and learning together. The Rosemans knew God wanted them at WABC because He confirmed in so many ways, from how much their children love it to the friendships they’ve made and the ways they have grown personally and as a family. 

They appreciate all the opportunities for youth to be involved and to learn. Their 9-year-old puts on her Avenue Kids shirt almost every Wednesday morning before school because she can’t wait to go to church on Wednesday night. Their 12-year-old was disappointed he had to miss Wednesday night church once when he had strep. He has loved every trip he has taken with the youth group. All three of their children are truly excited every Wednesday when they are reminded it’s church day, certainly an awesome thing to hear as a parent. Stephanie looks forward to the break in the middle of the week, to reset and come to have dinner, fellowship with friends and let the kids go to their classes on Wednesdays while she and Dan choose their own classes to attend on Wednesday nights as well. 

Another thing they appreciate most about WABC is that our pastor actually acts like a regular guy. He attends fun church events dressed like everyone else, talks about his likes and dislikes, his children and things about life like you would expect anyone else to talk about those things, like he’s a friend and someone who is just in it with you. He stands for Biblical truth and preaches it without reservation. 

The Rosemans are excited to look ahead at their future at WABC as they grow spiritually, invite everyone that they can to join us along the way and experience firsthand the life change and freedom they can have while attending a Biblical, healthy church. Not a perfect church, because there isn’t one, but a church that is seeking to honor God, is where this family is excited to be!

Posted by Meredith Collins at 9:00 AM
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