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Meet Our Members: The Reynolds Family

Stacey Reynolds came to Western Avenue in January 1988. Actually, the first time she came, she turned around and went to another church because she was so intimidated by the size of the big brick building. She had worked at Hunt Manufacturing with Teri Chamberlin, so she contacted her (this was long enough ago that it was with a phone connected by a cord to a wall, haha) and asked for her to wait on her to go into the church together. At that time, there wasn’t enough space in the building, so the Singles Sunday School class was meeting at Western Steer (you may remember this as later being Sagebrush) down the road from the church. It was there that a tall, cute, green-eyed guy caught her eye (that’s another story). 

The sanctuary was what is now the fellowship hall and it was in that room that Stacey accepted Jesus on January 31, 1988, Superbowl Sunday. Although she had grown up in church, Stacey strayed as teen and didn’t understand what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus or to even be saved. The Lord pricked her heart and she let Him in. Skip Cartin led her in the prayer of salvation. Coming from a Methodist background, it took Stacey a little while to understand the need for Baptism and to take that step. 

The singles group was a large, thriving group of young adults, and she plugged in right away. She was so excited to be involved and the singles group did a lot of activities together. She also helped with the youth. This was before Philip and at the time it was led by a volunteer leader. 

Stacey taught middle school girls Sunday School and she and Eric were two of the first Sunday School youth shepherds. She has served on the nominating committee, and Eric has served on the house and grounds committee. Stacey and Eric serve behind the scenes each month with our baptisms. They come on Saturday to fill up the baptismal and then assist with the children, teens and adults being baptized. They love to keep a scrapbook filled with the written testimonies of each person. 

Stacey and Eric have been married for 27 years. They have two children, Luke and Joelle. Luke is 23 and in the Navy. Joelle is 21 and a junior at Appalachian State University. Eric is a retired Statesville Fire Captain and a current Lake Norman Fire Department Captain. Stacey works at Addiction Recovery Medical Services, a faith-based opioid addiction clinic. 

They decided to join WABC to use their gift of encouragement. They love WABC and appreciate that the pastors are very well-educated. They appreciate the exceptional musical talent. They also love their friends who are also at WABC. They are excited to see what God has in store for WABC in the future. 

Posted by Meredith Collins at 7:00 AM
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