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Meet Our Members: The Andrews Family

Bryan and Keg Andrews met in the summer of 1985 when they were both counselors on a trip that takes kids out west for 23 days, camping all the way. They hiked the Grand Canyon down and back in a day, sometimes didn’t take a bath for three days, and drove 8,500 miles in two Dodge maxi-vans with trailers, complete with two counselors and 15 kids in each van. They say it was a great way to meet because you can learn a lot about a person in such a setting!

Bryan and Keg started dating when they returned and got engaged 1/1/1986. They were married 10/11/1986. Bryan is originally from Statesville and Keg from Salisbury. They moved to Charlotte right after their marriage and lived there until 1990. They visited different churches along the lines of denominations they were a part of prior to marriage (Bryan was Methodist and Keg was Lutheran). They had both been very active in their churches growing up. Bryan was even hired to work with the youth of his church on the weekends in addition to his regular work. 

After a pastor left the church they were attending in Charlotte, a friend invited them to Forest Hill Presbyterian Church. They attended and were immediately struck by the very intentional nature of the church and by the many things they had never experienced. Pastor David Chadwick spoke about “God not grading on a curve” and they held the hands of those beside them as they stood in church to pray for one another. Romans 3:23 pierced both of their hearts at about the same time in 1987: “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” They had thought of themselves as good people, moral people, but both became convicted of the fact that they were sinners who had a total need for a total Savior. 

Bryan used to think of his faith as one segment of a total pie, and prior to knowing Jesus Christ as his Savior, he would have said that “religion” or “church” was one slice of the pie, along with family, business, health and diet, finances, community, etc. But then he realized that it was not just “religion” or “church”, but it was about a relationship with the God of the universe, and Jesus Christ was the incredible crust of that pie, the entire pie – He was the wonderful foundation. And He makes each piece of the pie the very best that it can possibly be by being the foundation as well as the filling of every piece of the pie. And best of all, He is the topping of this pie – the topping that vastly exceeds any other topping.  

Their Sunday School class at Forest Hill consisted of folks around their age, many of whom had known the Lord for many years, and many like Bryan and Keg who were new to their faith. They took a great 2-year Bible study course called Bethel Bible that included memorizing verses and an overview of God’s Word. They still have so many of those verses in their minds and hearts and they have helped them in all areas of their lives, as His Word always does. Bryan was in a small group of guys who discipled him in the faith. It was a most wonderful time in their lives, and they still stay in touch with folks from that church.

When Sydney, their oldest daughter, was born in February of 1990, they moved back to Statesville (back for Bryan, first time for Keg). They knew they wanted to raise their family in Statesville and this worked well for Bryan’s job. They began looking at church opportunities. They looked at Bryan’s home church and churches across Statesville. They even looked into the possibility of planting an Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC – the same denomination as Forest Hill) in Statesville and met with David Chadwick about that. But they were invited by dear friends, Gary and Susan Miller, to come to Western Avenue, and they did. They were looking for a church that taught the true Word of God and a pastor who would rightly divide the Scriptures. They wanted a place where they could truly worship God with fellow believers in Christ Jesus. They wanted a place where they could pray with brothers and sisters and build into their lives and vice versa. They wanted a place where they could raise Sydney and any other children they might be blessed with in the discipline and admonition of the Lord. And they wanted a place where they felt good about inviting anyone to for hearing the wonderful Truth that sets men free. Their whole family has been blessed with all these things and so much more. 

They are so very thankful for a place that teaches the Word of God so well and has such a dedication to this. WABC is a wonderful conglomeration of folks from many different backgrounds and denominations. Bryan and Keg appreciate the fact that the emphasis is upon it being a Christian church more so than a primary emphasis upon a denominational connection – not that this isn’t important, but WABC is a church that spans many age ranges which is important.  WABC has a rich heritage of seeking to serve our great God. The Andrews family has been stretched and grown in wonderful ways with missions opportunities through WABC. They appreciate serving alongside Christian brothers and sisters who love God, the study of His Word, and have a desire to make Him known near and far.

Sydney is married now, and she and her husband Cody live in Greensboro. They moved there in 2012 to be a part of a church plant from The Summit Church (along with 35 other people) that has become Mercy Hill Church. This church has now planted/is planting three other churches. Ross, their middle daughter, just moved to Atlanta and works as a textile designer. She currently attends Mt. Vernon Baptist. Ellie, their youngest, just graduated from Liberty University. All three daughters have been involved with Campus Outreach (CO) in college, and Bryan and Keg are very thankful for CO and their whole approach to campus ministry, sharing the Gospel, and discipleship.  Brian and Keg both graduated from Davidson College. Keg is a very busy full-time homemaker, and Brian is a Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and has been with them for 42 years this summer.  

The Andrews family is so very thankful for their time at Western Avenue and the incredible blessing of this body of Christ. Bryan remembers when they were visiting for several years, and then in 1993 they announced that Skip Cartin was going to be pastor, and he and Keg looked at each other and said, “Happy, happy day!” They joined shortly thereafter and have been so very thankful for Skip and Caroline. Now they get to enjoy and grow with Jeff and Ambra. Western Avenue has been an incredible place to raise their three girls and for their whole family to be grown in the Word, reach out to others with the Gospel, and seek to impact the world for Christ.  

Bryan and Keg have been blessed to serve as Sunday School teachers and shepherds. Keg has worked in the nursery, with Good News Club, and has been instrumental in starting a Women’s Bible Study that has grown over the years. Bryan has been blessed to serve as a deacon over the years and has been involved with men’s groups and outreaches. Bryan and Keg, and other families, were and are blessed to be a part of Statesville Christian School, that WABC has so graciously housed on a rent-free basis since its opening in 1995. Bryan says he can think of no better use during the week for the building and facilities of this church than a place where there can be an education based on Truth – where there can be a cord of three strands – family, church, and school – that is not easily broken. The Andrews family has been very involved with the school, and pray that the school has been, is, and will be a blessing to this church the same way they pray the church has been, is, and will be to Statesville Christian School.

The Andrews family truly loves Western Avenue Baptist Church and the people of this church. They pray greatly for the future of this place and look forward with great joy to what God has for this body of Christ! There are many challenges posed by our society and many issues that we face as Christians today. How do we build people, marriages, families, communities, the world in Jesus Christ? Bryan and Keg believe that as Christians we are moral agents for reconciliation and redemption in a fallen world.  And they pray that we would first and foremost be a church that prays and knows His Word, and that we would seek to share the Gospel and impact the world for Jesus Christ.  

Posted by Meredith Collins at 9:45 PM
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