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Meet Our Members: Ramona Hill

Ramona Hill has been a member of Western Avenue Baptist Church since joining on March 2, 1952.  Ramona is 89 years young, though she has the heart and spirit of someone much, much younger! She loves WABC and though she is not able to attend in person, she keeps up with all that is going on through the Newsletter and she especially enjoys watching the service online via Facebook.  

Ramona was married to her husband Raymond for 49 years before he passed away.  When she and her husband moved to Statesville in 1950, they began attending WABC under the leadership of Wendell Davis. Ramonaheard Wendell Davis preach a revival at another church, and that is what prompted her to visit Western Avenue for the first time. People would ask her why she continued to attend WABC when the church moved to its current location, and Ramona says she politely lets people know that her roots are firmly plantedat WABC. Shesays she LOVES her church family, and she says that is what they are…her church family. Ramona has been a member of Patsy Day’s Sunday School class, and she is so appreciative of how those in that class still visit her and minister to her. They indeedare part of her family.

Ramona says the thing she appreciates about Western Avenue Baptist is that it is a church that teaches of the Bible. WABC is a Bible-centeredchurch, andthat is the glue that keeps the church together. She commented that both the staff and the congregation have a spirit of unity that is not always foundin other churches.

As Ramona looks out into the future for WABC, she says the thing that gets her the most excited is the new building initiative. She says that the old church building had a tremendous influence upon her ownchildren. In fact,her daughter Cathy and her husband Ray were the first coupleto get married in the current Fellowship Hall, which is where the church worshipped before the present sanctuary was built. Ramona says she is excited to see how God will use a new children’s area to reach and minister to many new families going forward. She loves her church family, andsheprays the Lord will continue to have His hand on WABC in the days ahead.

Posted by Meredith Collins at 6:00 AM
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