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Meet Our Members: Leo and Cora Young

This week, we will learn more about Leo and Cora Young! Their family joined WABC in November 1996. When they relocated to Statesville from the Midwest, an acquaintance invited them to visit. They were very impressed with the fundamental teaching of the Bible in the pastorate. They also liked that there were ministry opportunities to serve. They appreciated the robust children’s ministry and nurturing atmosphere for their two young kids at the time (22 years ago). 

The Youngs believe God wants them at WABC to provide diversity! Despite not being from NC, they felt welcomed the moment they stepped into the congregation. They believe the various ministries allow them to use their God-given spiritual gifts of hospitality and encouragement.  

The Youngs have been married for over 23 years and have two adult children. They relocated to Statesville in 1996. Leo is a local physician and has worked in several offices in the surrounding counties. Cora is a homemaker. In her spare time, she is also a hairdresser, substitute teacher and hostess for greeting card making camps. 

Leo accepted the Lord in high school when his younger sister shared with him about Jesus from what she had learned in VBS. He was initially exposed to the teachings of Jesus previously from his Baptist kindergarten class, but his church upbringing at home was non-existent. It had involved Chinese mysticism including burnt offerings to the dead and ancestor worship. After accepting Christ, he was baptized despite his parents’ trepidation on organized religion. His walk with Jesus became more serious in college and he joined Christian fellowship groups such as Youth for Christ and Campus Crusade for Christ. He was active in the local church choir and led the high school ministry while in college. 

Cora accepted the Lord through a coworker who had challenged her to ponder the question, “Where would you be if you were to die tonight?” She had been attending her community Catholic church while growing up, but was never exposed to many in-depth Bible studies. At the age of 25, she found herself playing catch-up in reading the Bible. She became more intent on her walk with God and was an active participant in her local home church and Christian fellowships. 

After joining WABC, the Youngs got involved with small groups/Bible studies and eventually led a couple groups as well. Cora served in leadership roles wherever her organizational skills were needed such as Mission Friends, Team Kids and VBS snack coordinator since 2000! She also fills in on supportive roles with Sunday School and was a parent volunteer in the nursery in the past.  

Leo had the privilege of serving in the nominating committee, led Bible studies, participated in overseas mission and plays in the church orchestra. 

The Youngs feel so blessed to see a congregation that is obedient to God’s calling in giving of themselves in time, energy and resources. Members are empowered to pursue ministries in accordance to their spiritual gifts and supported by WABC. They also feel inspired by the ministerial team and so fortunate to have leaders with servant hearts. They appreciate the wonderful selection of Sunday School classes. Cora and Leo enjoy the Wednesday Equipping University that allows members to participate in a more interactive learning style rather than a sermon. 

Looking ahead at the future of WABC, the Youngs look forward to continual successful efforts to spread the good news of Jesus to the whole city of Statesville in partnership with other churches. They hope to see new Christians coming to Christ and having the opportunities to mentor and invest in their growth on their spiritual journey in Christian living.




Posted by Meredith Collins at 7:00 AM
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