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Meet Our Members: Henry and Philis Joyner

Henry and Philis Joyner have been married 59 years and will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on August 1. Henry grew up attending Western Avenue Baptist, the only church he has ever been a member. Philis joined WABC after she and Henry were married. They had an agreement they would attend whichever church they lived closest to once they were married. Thankfully, they ended up living closer to WABC than the church Philis had attended, so WABC would become their church until this very day. Philis said that Wendell Davis was instrumental in her decision to continue at WABC, as he would continually come by their home and share a meal with her and Henry.

Henry and Philis used to be involved with the WABC bus ministry where they would go out on Saturday mornings and make visits in the community. Then on Sunday morning, they would pick up some of the people they had met the day before and bring them to church. Henry and Philis said that one of the great traits that WABC has always had is that they would be accepting of anyone who came to visit the church, regardless of their gender, race, or social status. He says the folks at WABC have always stuck together in the good times and the bad. They have experienced first-hand how the unity of the church family has remained strong.

Henry and Philis believe God has them at WABC so they can serve the church body. They are usually the first ones to arrive Sunday morning as Philis is one of our greeters and Henry gets the bulletins ready to be distributed. They love the people at WABC as they consider them as family. Their favorite thing about WABC is that the truth is always taught. Henry commented about ever since he has attended, the Lord has always blessed the church with a close and faithful staff.

As Henry and Philis look at the future of WABC, they say they are right now most excited about this new building campaign. They are excited to see both how our children will have their own place to grow in their walk with the Lord, and also really see the need for a larger area for our church family to connect.

Posted by Meredith Collins at 10:00 PM
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