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Meet Our Members: Eber and Margaret Hudson

Eber and Margaret have been attending Western Avenue for many years now. Margaret was attending Western Avenue before she was born. She remembers her family never missed church. Eber started attending when he was about 14-15 years old, though his parents, as Methodists, were against it. In high school, Eber and three friends formed a quartet that went around town to different churches to sing. The quartet was invited to sing at Western Avenue and Eber just started going to church there after that. Eber really liked Training Union and Baptist Young People (BYP). The Hudsons attended for several years. Later, Eber was asked to serve as interim music minister at Bethel Church on East Monbo Road. The lady Eber replaced never came back and he ended up serving there 28 years. The Hudsons finally came back to Western Avenue and joined in the summer of 1983 on the first Sunday at the new location on Museum Road. 

Margaret and Eber met while in school. Eber had a paper route after school, but the rules were that they had to sit in home room for 15 minutes before afternoon dismissal. Margaret and Eber were in the same homeroom even though he was a grade above her. Eber had really never paid Margaret any attention, but one day their teacher, Mrs. Maude Nicholson, decided to dismiss the class by rows according to who was the quietest. As Eber sat there, Margaret, sitting right behind him, took her pencil and ran it up her neck. It startled Eber and he made a noise. Mrs. Nicholson said, “Eber, you’ll stay another 15 minutes after everyone else is done.” The next day, Eber fussed at Margaret. He was mad at her for making him late to his paper route. Sometime after that, he started paying attention to her. He looked around one day and said, “My goodness, she’s a pretty girl.” He got over his anger with her. They dated four years. Eber didn’t have a car and had to ride his bicycle. Actually later while attending a church social, they played a game and one of the questions was to say the make and model of the car they drove on their first date. Margaret looked over at Eber and asked, “Was it a Schwinn?”

The Hudsons have now been married for 71 years. They were married in June 1947. They have two daughters. They lost one daughter when she was 33. Their other daughter lives in Florida. They have three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. 

Eber and Margaret have served faithfully at Western Avenue through the years. Eber was choir director one summer. He was elected to serve as a deacon when he was 19 years old in 1946. Later, Eber was honored as Deacon Emeritus, one of only three men to earn that honor. Margaret and Eber both taught Sunday School classes for 30 years. In fact, they don’t remember ever hardly being in the same Sunday School class. Margaret taught the ladies’ class with Ruth Lashua and Eber taught a class that became known as “Seventy to Heaven”. People stayed in that class until they graduated into heaven! The Hudsons also led the “Young at Heart” ministry for a little while. 

The “good Bible preaching” is what they appreciate most at Western Avenue. The Hudsons also appreciate the missions emphasis from long ago and today. They were part of Sunbeams and GAs and RAs. Western Avenue has made a huge impact on their lives. Of course, they love the music. It has always been so special to them. They feel so blessed. When they were leaving Bethel after 28 years, they really didn’t think they would end up at Western Avenue, but they tried several churches and just could not get away from Western Avenue. It kept calling them back home. 

Posted by Meredith Collins at 7:00 AM
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