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Meet Our Members: Doug and Donna Rowland

Doug (aka “The Amen Guy”) and Donna Rowland met while Doug was in Bible college at what is now Liberty University. On weekends Doug was a supply pastor at a small Southern Baptist Church in Cleveland, VA. He was only 17 years old. Donna was a charge R.N. at a local hospital and Doug was an orderly. The very second he saw her he wanted to date her. The problem was he was engaged to another girl! To make a long story short, he broke up with the young lady and began dating Donna. He asked Donna to marry him after their first date, and that’s been 42 years ago now! They have two daughters, Laura-Beth and Jennifer, and seven wonderful grandchildren. 

Doug has been in the ministry for 45 years now and has pastored five churches. While pastoring his third church, he began receiving many invitations to preach revivals in other churches. They then moved to Candler, NC, to pastor a church where The Primitive quartet were members. They sang for a living all over the mid-eastern US. Doug had to make a choice between pastoring or going into evangelism, and they chose evangelism for the past 22 years. 

Doug was saved at age 11. The popular Oliver B Greene was in a revival at his church and one night preached on "What’s Worse Than Going to Hell". Doug went home and went to bed but could not sleep. He finally called for his mother and dad to come to his room. They asked him what was wrong, and he told them he needed to be saved. He has been born-again 53 years now without any doubt that Christ is his Savior. His mother had always played the piano and his dad taught Sunday School. Doug was raised his entire life in a Baptist church.

Doug had an accident before moving to North Carolina. A truck hit him head on and he broke his back in three places. For a few years, he was unable to go outside, much less go to church. One day they received a flyer in the mail inviting them to WABC. Donna visited the church and found that God was leading her to a place that was meeting her spiritual needs and filling a huge void. She began to tell Doug how friendly everyone was to her and that he would love it there. When he could go, he went several Sundays. Once again, an accident happened when Doug had a very bad compound break in his ankle. He was in rehab about one hour away and one day Pastor Jeff came to see him. When he got out of rehab that day, he decided that WABC was a church that meets the needs of everyone from infant to elderly.

Doug had decided he was going to try and minister to churches that were small yet felt they could not have preachers because of their money situation. Word got out that he was taking meetings again. Doug and Donna wanted a home church that would back their leading into this new type of ministry. It has been almost three years ago that they joined with the support of WABC, other churches and individuals into a different type of evangelism. Doug saw that the church was supporting a family (the Boyds) and thought maybe they would be willing to help them being in evangelism and they have. 

Doug is excited to be a part of WABC because it does meet the needs of everyone. Because of being gone in revivals and Bible conferences, Doug says he hasn’t been able to do as much directly as he would like to. However, he feels he is getting to the point where he cannot travel as much as he could one day. He would love to one day be able to teach on personal evangelism to those who may be wanting to learn. He has preached at Liberty University and was invited to preach at the Georgia State Fair. He has been able to preach at the late Dr. Adrian Rogers’s church and other well-known places. However, he feels WABC offers as much in their music, education and conservative preaching than any of the places he has had the honor to speak at. Doug and Donna hope they can use their many years of experiences to be a blessing at WABC, a place they are so honored to be a part of. 

Posted by Meredith Collins at 6:00 AM
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