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It's Christmas! Tickets App

We are excited to announce something new for your It's Christmas! tickets this year: tickets on your iPhone!

We know that this time of year is a bit crazy and things get lost even more easily than before.  So, if you have an iPhone with iOS 8 or newer, you can now download the WABC Tickets app from the App Store and load your tickets on your phone.  No need to print, reprint, and stress!   Within 4 hours of the performance you can sign in with the username and password you used to purchase tickets and will be able to scroll through your tickets to have them scanned right off your phone.  

For those of you with Android phones, your app should be there next year!  In the meantime, you can always pull up the email version of your tickets on your phone and have them scanned that way if you'd like.

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Greg Mathews at 3:54 AM
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