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4 Reasons Why Biblical Hospitality is Necessary at WABC:

1. It's an important issue in the scriptures. Romans 12:13, Hebrews 13. It's hard work, it's uncomfortable and it's out of our comfort zone, but we are called to hospitality. Christian pastors and elders are called to have an open home. It was important to Christ, so it's important to us. 

2. We were once in need of hospitality. We are to welcome others as Christ welcomed us. Treat people as you want to feel. Treat people as a native - one of us.

3. Love with the Christian nature of love. Let your love be genuine, a brotherly Christian love is a bond that will last forever. Not a general abstract, "I love you all," but a specific love. 

4. Hospitality is an outworking of the Gospel. Remember when you were separated from Christ.

What can we do?

1. Pray - pray for our church staff, members, visitors. When you come to church, come to be fed, but also prepare to feed others. We focus on this during holidays like Christmas and Easter, but always need to be aware of guests.

2. Challenge you to meet someone new. Talk to someone new.

3. Sit somewhere different. We get accustomed to our routine and see the same people. Sitting in a different area will allow you to see different faces.

4. Look for people you haven't seen. Ask names. Greet warmly and listen to them. Help them find where they need to go. Ask them to sit with you. 

5. Strive to go to the next level and take this out to hospitality in our homes. At least one a month/once a quarter invite someone over. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, not "entertaining" where the focus is on you, but hospitality where it focuses on them.

Join us for our Wednesday night study May 30 at 6:30 pm, as we continue the discussion on hospitality and how you can be involved in this ministry at WABC.


Posted by Meredith Collins at 8:11 AM
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