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God's Wisdom for Our Words

As our study from the book of Proverbs continues, this past weekend we looked at what Proverbs has to say about the words that we use. Some of the marks of words of wisdom are:

  1. Words that are thoughtful and kind, not harsh.
  2. Words that are timely and few, not rash and numerous.
  3. Words that are truthful, not deceptive and slanderous

And the key to correcting our foolish and unwise speech is to go to the source of the problem. And the source of the foolish and destructive words we use is the same for each and every one of us: the problem is our hearts. Problems of the tongue are really problems of the heart. As followers of Jesus Christ, we need to fill our hearts with Jesus by filling our hearts with God’s Word. The gospel of Jesus Christ saves us once. But we need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ over and over and over. That is how God continually renews all of us. Through the gospel message of love for sinners like me and you. The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to put new life in our hearts and new words in our mouth.

Posted by Greg Mathews at 3:00 PM
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