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Exodus 15: I Am The Lord

We continued our study through Exodus Sunday in Exodus 15, right after the parting of the Red Sea. When the Israelites are safe on the other side and their enemy is defeated, they all celebrate with song. In church it is common for us to all stand and sing in unison, but really, where else do you do that? It's a pretty unique thing. We are to gather together to sing and it's a way for us to respond to his deliverance with song. Salvation demands a response from those who are saved. We are able to extol God for who He is through song.

Moses says the Lord is his strength, his song and his salvation. We sing songs too that tell us about who God is. The song goes on to say the Lord is a man of war. This is an image some of us struggle with. A God of war? We try to make sense of this and say, "Well, this is the Old Testament God." But, this is who He is and He is worth praising. We sing to the Lord because this is what He has done.

God blew with His nostrils to part the Red Sea. With his nostrils... Have you tried to blow up a balloon or blow out your birthday candles through your nostrils? (a sure way to get to eat the entire cake yourself) It's hard to get out a lot of air that way. Moses praises God specifically for the defeating the Egyptians, which is also hard for us to process that he praised God for pouring down His wrath. We say God is Love and God has wrath. Here God is a man of war, a consuming fire. There is a time where God's fury comes. God's wrath is slow to build, but every time we sin, God's wrath piles up and eventually his patience runs out. Then, his fury will be poured out for all time. 

We underestimate God's holiness and overestimate our goodness. We get so easily upset when things seem unfair, so how much more upset would God be when we don't give Him glory. 

Whatever your view of God is, it is way too small. 

Posted by Meredith Collins at 10:32 PM
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