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Christ in the Old Testament

This week, the Christ in the Old Testament series continued as we looked at Genesis 22, the story of Abraham and Isaac... a story that's hard to hear and causes many to struggle. Why would God promise Abraham a son, finally after many years, fulfill that promise only to ask Abraham to take his life as a sacrifice? 

Abraham certainly questioned the intent himself, but remained faithful. He knew it was God speaking to him; it was the same voice he had heard over and over. Abraham knows God has promised the entirety of the Jewish family will come from Isaac, so surely Isaac will live to fatherhood. Abraham is not sure how, but He knows God will somehow intervene. He even reasoned that God could bring Isaac back from the dead. 

We also see Isaac's willingness to obey God's direction. After asking, "Where is the lamb?" Abraham explained the situation to Isaac. Certainly he could have outrun Abraham, but he also was willing to carry out the plan. 

Just at the last moment, God's gracious provision came in a ram behind him and an angel stopping Abraham from killing Isaac. 

We can see the beauty of the Gospel in this text as a "typical prophecy" acted out, real events giving us a picture of what was to come. This is the first instance in the Old Testament where the word "love" is used. The same word God uses to talk about His son. God did what Abraham did not have to do. 

The parallels are great. We see Isaac carrying his own wood up the mountain, just as Christ carried the wooden cross. We see both Isaac and Jesus's willingness to lay down their own life. We see the significance of three days, Abraham and Isaac spent three days on the mountain and after 3 days Isaac was spared, just as Jesus was risen from the dead after three days. The ram is caught in a thicket of thorns, a provision just as Jesus is the Lamb of God wearing a crown of thorns. 

Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

The detail of location is even noted here. The same mountain where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac was later the place where David made an altar, the place where the first and second temples were build, and the place where Jesus died. The place where thousands of lambs had been slain before his ultimate sacrifice. 

Mt. Moriah - God has provided! Amen!

Posted by Meredith Collins at 4:00 PM
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