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Characteristics of a Man/Woman of God

We continued our series through 1 Timothy this Sunday looking at 1 Timothy 6:11-16. This passage gives us five characteristics of a man/woman of God. 

A man/woman of God is...

1. Known by what he flees from: To some, fleeing from something means no confidence or cowardice. But, the Bible tells us to flee from sin. We want to put distance between the danger and us. We are daily fleeing from the things that could destroy us. We want to flee from youthful lusts and sexual sin. We shouldn't try to get as close to sin as we can, but flee from it. 

2. Known by what he follows after: If you are fleeing from something, you have to have a goal of something else to go to. If not, you will be tempted to run from one sin to another. Make up your mind to run toward something worthwhile. 

3. Known by what you fight for: You are in a war daily. A spiritual battle. Many of us don't even realize it. We are so comfortable. But, everyday either sin will prevail or you will prevail against it. Fight the good fight for the faith. Almost every sin can come down to lack of faith. We think we can have pleasure elsewhere and don't trust God to provide.

4. Known by what you are holding onto: Are we putting our joy in earthly/temporal things? If we hold fast to the eternal, we will never be shaken. You react differently to bad news when you hold fast to eternal things. 

5. Known by what you are faithful to: We are to obey the word of God and his commandments until the appearing of our Lord Jesus. He IS coming. He will display at the proper time. Why worry about putting ourselves out there as different? We have no fear. God holds our life in His hands. We are free to give our life away in ministry and service to God. All life comes from him. He is the blessed one, eternally happy.

Make today the day when you stop "playing" to be a Christian and live it daily. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and strengthen you as you say "yes" to these five ways of living and "no" to those things that try to pull you away. Stay strong!

Posted by Meredith Collins at 10:14 PM
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