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Avenue Kids Sunday School

Avenue Kids Sunday School

Children in their elementary years have the opportunity to interact with each other and some of the best teachers in Statesville as they learn the core truths of the Bible through a dynamic and interactive curriculum entitled Truth 78. The vision of Truth 78 is "that children may know, honor, and treasure God, setting their hope in Christ alone, so that they will live as faithful disciples for the glory of God". Each Sunday the children are "nurtured in the faith through training that instructs the mind, engages the heart, and influences the will through proclaiming the whole counsel of God". At Western Avenue, we are committed to walking along side our parents as they guide their children along life's milestones. We hope that you will take this journey with us and allow your child to join us this Sunday for Sunday School. For more information about Truth 78, visit www.truth78.org

Current Classes




106, 108 1st Grade

Scott & Jessica Graham

102, 104 2nd Grade

Kyle & Kacie Teeter

113 3rd Grade

Lois, Luke &
Lorin Pemberton

105, 107 4th Grade A

Linda Harrison
Lee Schmalbach

101, 103 4th Grade B

Carolyn Baugher
Lilah Terrell

109, 111 5th Grade

Paul & Ann Veach