Adult Sunday School

In a day when houses no longer have front porches, the workday lasts far too long and weekends are filled with too much activity.  It's hard to find and maintain good lasting relationships with other adults. Many of us do not even know our next-door neighbors. In that same hectic world when you feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you also had better be standing on solid ground or you'll slowly start sinking in the mire of the world. Western Avenue's Adult Sunday School can help you with those problems. 


In our Adult Sunday School, you will find that there's a class just right for you to make new friends who will help you enjoy the high marks of life and stand beside you during the rough stretches. You'll also start learning Biblical truths to support you and your family. Most of our classes work through the Bible one book at a time to see how God has revealed Himself to us in His Word.

Current Co-Ed Classes

  • Room


    Age Range

  • 144

    College - Dan Roseman / Brent & Janine Bowman


  • 155

    Newly Married/Engaged - Josh & Haley Bowles


    A class that focuses on the Scriptures by exploring books of the Bible verse by verse. Class members also enjoy social events so couples can share life with others in our church family.

  • 157

    Young Adults


    A class for singles and married couples who are looking to study books of the Bible verse by verse. This class is led by Jeff Durham. While the class is targeted toward couples in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, anyone of any age is welcome to attend.

  • 149

    Katie Hatchett, Tracy Snider, Scott Garrett, Scott Williamson


    This class enjoys a variety of members from teenagers to retirees and those who are married, single, or attend as families. It is the object of the class to go deeper in Bible study and practical life application as Christ followers. Scripture is studied, a book at a time, with Lifeway materials as a guide. Fellowships throughout the year are opportunities to better get to know one another.

  • Fellowship Hall

    David Moss

    All Ages

    A large Bible class open to people of different ages and different marital statuses. This class works through books of the Bible and theological topics.

  • Multi-Purpose Room

    Andy White


    A class for anyone interested in concentrated Bible study, ministry to others, meeting some of the nicest people in our church, and enjoying a good time while doing all the above. This class enjoys activities outside the classroom, as well. This class follows the denominational literature.

  • 156

    Sam Morrow


    A class for anyone interested in exploring the Bible with an emphasis on practical life application of Biblical principles. This class also explores Christian books that can have tremendous impact on our lives.

  • 151

    Bill Stewart & Dwaine Menscer


    A class with emphasis on Bible study and applying what we learn to our lives with caring, loving class members who minister to each other in times of need. This class follows the denominational literature.

  • 167



    A conservative class for older individuals looking for serious Bible study taught by Dave Shoop. Discussion and class participation are central, not just lecture. This class follows the denominational literature.

Current Special Classes

  • Room


    Age Range

  • 115

    Just As I Am: Special Needs Class

    All Ages & Needs

    This class exists to assist families with special needs. Taught by two experienced parents with several loving assistants, your child will receive love and care and taught about Christ in a way that is developmentally appropriate. Parents are welcome to drop by.


Women's Ministry

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever! Amen.

- 2 Peter 3:18

If you have questions, concerns or want to get connected with other ladies, please contact our Women’s Ministry Director, Lee Schmalbach  (704-500-7473 |

Our Purpose

Daughters by Grace is the women’s ministry of Western Avenue Baptist Church. We desire:

  • To grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • To encourage all generations of women to study and teach the scriptures
  • To strengthen the church by leading women with word-filled teaching
  • To minister to the lost and to hurting women
  • To be a safe, authentic, Christ-honoring community for women to grow in their relationship with Jesus and with each other

Meet the Team

  • Crystal Walker
  • Melissa Dickson
  • Alica Overcash
  • Amanda Johnson

Current Women's Classes

  • Room


    Age Range

  • 150

    Glendora Yarbrough

    20s - 80s

    Our ladies, who are 25-80, love Jesus and each other, and are prayer warriors. Our lively discussions are derived from media platforms such as sermon videos and books that follow biblical principles for a closer walk with Christ. 

  • 176

    Glenda Cook


    A ladies' class that focuses on study of the Scriptures. This class follows the denominational literature.

  • 154

    Joyce Green and Hannah Pickering


    A class for women who enjoy fellowship, ministry, and studying God’s Word, book by book. This class is also active in missions projects. This class follows the denominational literature

  • 165

    Diane Patrum


    A class for ladies who are interested in studying the Bible with other women. A group of caring ladies who try to minister to those with illness and other deep concerns. Members also do a series of service projects as needs arise. This class follows the denominational literature.

Men's Ministry

To Serve for His Glory

Men - if you'd like to fellowship with brothers in Christ, serve His people, enjoy hiking, camping, cookouts, and sporting events - be on the lookout for upcoming events such as:

  1. Small Group Bible Studies
  2. Habitat for Humanity framing and landscaping
  3. Painting trim on a member's home and general landscaping
  4. Target Shooting
  5. Spring Family Barbeque with Classic Cars

Meet the Team

  • Wilson Ruth
  • Men's Ministry Coordinator
  • Aaron McDuffie Food & Fellowship Coordinator
  • Paul Veach Activities Coordinator

Current Men's Classes

  • Room


  • 153

    Wayne Craddock & Harry Lipe


    A class for older men interested in exploring the Bible. This class follows the denominational literature.

  • 158

    Kenny Morrison


    A faithful class of men who want to be a part of a close knit group of caring, loving people who put Christ first in their lives. This class follows the denominational literature.

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