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It's easy to see all of the great things that are happening with preschoolers, elementary kids, middle school, and high school and forget about the great opportunities that are there for the adults!  Whether you're looking for some one-on-one time to hone your faith, a good book, or some great time with fellow believers, you'll have an easy time getting plugged in.  You can get details about some of the options below.


Life Builders takes evangelism and discipleship to its simplest level—one life at a time. One-to-one or couple-to-couple, we help lives become transformed through Jesus—and see His life reproduced in others.  Get plugged in here...


Daughters by Grace is the women's ministry of Western Avenue Baptist Church.  Learn more here...

Senior Adults

Old age can bring about an even greater love for God, for the people of God, and for the things of God.  Check out what are Senior Adults are up to here...