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Entering Adolescence

Milestone #3: Entering Adolescence

Transitioning from childhood to adolescence is a big step in life. As your child prepares for the Youth Ministry, we want to provide a time that helps you and them with the transition.

In early adolescence students begin to wrestle with identity. For this reason, we think it is important for them to understand who they are in Christ. It is important for you and your child to discuss how they belong to God and to talk about who they are in Christ. A strong sense of identity rooted in Christ and in the Scripture will help them see and understand the importance of being in community with God and others. It will also train them that all of their actions flow out of their identity in Christ.

Sixth Grade Orientation

Making the jump from Avenue Kids to the Youth Ministry is a huge time in most student’s and parent’s lives. The Sixth Grade Orientation is a great time to get introduced to the Youth Ministry at Western Avenue.

Passage Trip

We encourage you to get away with you son or daughter for a day, a weekend, or however long you can. The purpose of this trip is to facilitate a fun weekend between a father and son or mother and daughter or whatever your family structure allows.  Connect with your child relationally around something enjoyable. Use time to talk about specific issues such as physical changes, puberty, emotions, and the importance of making decisions that honor God. Conversations are made easier on these trips if you have been laying the ground work through regular Family Worship and Faith Talks with your kids.

Ready for this Milestone?

Contact Greg Mathews, our Minister of Middle School, to sign up for a Sixth Grade Orienation or ideas for a Passage Trip.