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It's been a while since I threw some links on here.  I hope you enjoy a few of these that struck my fancy!

First, I think you might enjoy this fun and addicting "Rube Goldberg Game" by Google. I hope it comes to the iPhone someday.

I imagine this made a lot of parents and children happy - a very fun day on the merry-go-round.

I love this - a guy in a wheelchair stops a robbery in a convenience store while others stand around watching.

A man from Holland spent one million dollars to build a working replica of Noah's Ark. It is built to scale and the ship is huge. It weighs 3,000 tons, is 450 feet long, holds 1,500 passengers, and needs a steel hull for reinforcement. However, there is one major difference between this and the real thing: the article says that "besides people, there's room for two live chickens and some replica animals for effect."  TWO CHICKENS!?!

Why is it that when Dan Quayle spells potato one way, it is national news for weeks? At the same time, have you ever seen any of these presidential slip-ups on the news?

A recent study (well, a study from 1882) reveals yet another substance that is bad for you. So, the lesson is:  "Don't freak out - things will change!"

A list of ten awesome brownie recipes.  Bring them by the office ANY TIME!

Did you know that many of the sounds you hear everyday are not "real" sounds but electronic fakes built into the digital machines around us because we like/trust the mechanical past? From the car-door-thunk to the ATM-whirrr to the turn-signal-click, it's all digitally remixed to help us feel comfortable. 

If you've played some pick-up basketball in your life, you've more than likely played against some of these guys.

A simple but fascinating graphic:  If all the world's population were packed into a single spot as dense as cities like Paris, Singapore, New York or San Francisco, the entire world could fit into a few of our states.

Can't decide whether to use your handyman expertise to fix something around the house?  This flowchart will help you decide.

Here are fifteen simple rules to make you a better, smarter, more cost-efficient shopper.

Hey, dads!  Are you embarrassing your children regularly enough?  You do know that it is one of your primary objectives, don't you?  Here's one dad who does it as well as any father ever and turned it into an art form!

You may have seen the video of the kid who rode his bike and then sent a motivational message to all other kids. If not, the first video on this page is that video. Below the original video is the same message used in a slightly similar but familiar (and amusing) way.

Some cities really go all-out to promote themeselves!  I can't believe the effort the people of Grand Rapids put forth to make this really cool video.

The world's fastest clapper - that's all!

Finally, here are the fifty best/worst childhood fads. How many did you get caught up in?

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