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Your Understanding of Church Membership is (probably) Wrong

During college, Jonathan Leeman lived in Brussels, Belgium for five months. While in Belgium, his US passport expired. This means he had no valid documentation to prove he was a citizen of the United States. He could not leave the country and therefore did the only thing he could do – he went to the US Embassy and had his passport renewed. The experience made him realize something: the Embassy did not make him a citizen of the United States but it did officially affirm his citizenship. He... Read More
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Bruchko - A Book Review by Emma Spry

***This semester, Emma has been working as an intern at WABC in partnership with Statesville Christian School.  Part of her assignment was to read a book and write a review..  Here it is!*** The book begins set in the jungles of Columbia. Bruce Olson, or “Bruchko”, and his friend Bobby are threatened by a bandit who is after their land. We learn that Bruce has lived with the Motilone Indians for years now. He and Bobby, or “Bobarishora”, are working to advance the gospel... Read More
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Follower or Fan of Christ?

Kyle Idleman writes that Jesus was never concerned about the size of the crowd but with the commitment of the crowd. Many pastors are concerned almost exclusively with the size of the crowd. If you want proof, try to eavesdrop of the conversation when two pastors from different church meet. It will not be long until one of them asks, "So, . . . whatcha runnin' over there?" That's "pastor talk" for asking how many people attend the worship service on average. In order to increase those... Read More
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Quick Reviews

GOSPEL by JD Greear I love to read books. When some books are published I get excited about reading them.  They may be written by a well-known author, they may have a catchy title, or a controversial subject. Time and time again I will pick up one of these books only to put it down a few days later. Some books are just not good and are difficult to finish. Gospel by JD Greear is not one of these books. Gospel is a book full of Biblical insight, foundational teaching,... Read More
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Top Thirty Authors (Top Three)

It has been MONTHS since I last wrote on this topic so I decided to end it in one fell swoop. I started listing my Top Thirty Authors to show the individuals I most appreciate and reference in my ministry at Western Avenue. These men serve me in different ways but I am thankful to God for all of them and the incredible impact they have made on my life over the last two decades. In descending order, the authors covered thus far are: 30.    Bill Mounce 29.  ... Read More
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